Quality note app for Android

About JadeNote

JadeNoteTM is a full-featured text note application for Android, based on the Simplenote API.  In order to get the most out of JadeNote, you must have a Simplenote account. Please see simplenoteapp.com for more information.

Now, with maps! Store notes at points of interest on your customized map views! (Version 1.2 – see below).


  • Store virtually unlimited number of text notes, and organize and retrieve with ease. Never lose a thought again!
  • Can be used purely locally.
  • Sync with Simplenote web account, so can have global and multi-user access.
  • Full support of tags, for user-defined folders.
  • Full text search.
  • Delete and undelete.
  • LensTM Technology – unique feature called a lens which allows pure text files to be displayed and edited using custom look and feel. Currently, there is support for “checklist”, which allows you to list items, and via an Android checkbox, select/deselect.
  • NEW! Map Lens! Create points on a map of your choice, and annotate each point of interest!
  • Easily see for each note: create date, modify date, title, tags.
  • FREE!


  • Store and organize short (or long) notes on any subject, and find easily.
  • Keep all of your lists in a single place (but safely synchronize with a server).
  • Reading lists, movie lists, To Do lists, restaurant lists….
  • Quotations

And now, Map Notes:

  • Keep track of cities on your tour
  • Simplify your apartment hunt
  • Track houses for sale in your area which you are interested in
  • Show where your branch offices are located
  • Display where your clients are
  • Collect your favorite restaurants
  • …or anything with a geographic aspect limited only  to your imagination

Screen Shots:

Viewing a Note

Viewing a List

Main Menu (via Android Menu button)

Tag menu (via Main Menu->Tags)

Editing a note (tags in top edit box, note in lower)

Checklist Lens (as it appears when reading).

Note: check widgets are active, and underlying text file is automatically modified upon check/uncheck.

Checklist Lens, as it appears when editing.

(Note special tag: _checklist).

Viewing  Map Note (NEW!)

Map Note text popup

Edit a Map Note